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Saturday, 05 December 2009



Beautiful photos and mood, fits my mood here today (it's snowing and I have been working all day in my studio on art and brainstorming new ideas....finallY!)
I love the color of your hair in the first photo, like auburn honey.

andrea gutierrez

wonderful and magical and so nice to see the sweet mathyld getting recognition in so many places. she is so dear and delightful, isn't she?


I love that first photo especially.
Very beautiful :)


Beautiful photos Lou x


What a beautiful delightful post.


as always,
such beautiful pictures and words.
a little spooky as i also have an N. he is my ghost and my giant.

dreamy post.
wishing you a golden day lou


Captivating words and images, Lou. You bring the magic into every day, and always hold me spellbound. What an inspiration, you are. Much love and tremulous sparkles. xx


these are gorgeous! they fit together like a fairy tale...you should make a book with these words and pictures. thanks so much for mentioning my blog...i love both of yours <3

louise (art and ghosts)

Thanks so very much for your thoughtful comments:)

I don't usually post such material to my blog (although I have been sharing on flickr for years) so I was a little bit tentative....


Visiting here is somewhat like walking into a hazy dream. A spooky place that you may hesitate to step into at first, but once in, might never like to leave. I hesitated to peek at the wee man in Edwin's Garden, but only for a mere second. Now, I find that he has charmed me in an odd sort of way.

Congratulations on hitting your year mark at your lovey home. I am so glad that you found this place and are finally safe and content.

Gerushia's New World

Mathyld / encore petite

Oh ! Are you brunette now ? I love it !
The first picture is a photographic poem !

And thank you oh so much for mentioning me ... What a beautiful surprise ♥

x x x


Beautiful and soft photos. The girl / you in the first photo seems so small to me somehow, as if I want to just scoop her up and hold her safe in the palm of my hand.

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