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Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Bianca Stewart

I love how these images beg questions, invite dialogue.

Since moving to a rural community I have found my place in nature.

'Baby Nature' is a beautiful reminder that all things start off small & need to be nurtured.

Wonderful work, Louise.

Studio M.M.E.

A very interesting project. It's nice to meet another 'quirky' illustrator.

anna kim

simplicity at it's best. i love them.


SO so pretty.
and symbolic at the same time

Andrea J.

I love "When You Find Her Let Me Know" ... for some reason I can't stop looking at it.

louise (art and ghosts)


This is one of my favourite ways to work, it creates a strange sense of peace, purity, which i cant explain so well.

Andrea J - Im really fond of this one in particular, so thankyou!


so dreamy.

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