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Tuesday, 06 October 2009



beautiful, as always

Kimberly Wlassak


Yes, I agree...sleeping is necessary for restoration. Maybe that's why I always feel a wee bit draggy. I surely don't sleep much. But when I do, I'm always sure to have very curious and odd dreams.

I adore your Mirlo. I may have written this previously, but Mirlo reminds me so of my cat "Persy", (short for perseverance). He was a stray that just kept coming back. Of course, after a period of time, he was no longer a stray. Unfortunately, he was plucked away at night by a coyote. Very sad. I still miss him.

Gerushia's New World

Bianca Stewart

Autumn is my friend, too. Every year I like to think she stays with me for two weeks. She sleeps in the spare bedroom with a window overlooking the woods. She loves cinnamon rolls & hearths & books & at least 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. We are a lot alike, save for the sleep part. You see, I am convinced I am Night's favorite daughter.

Anyway, I enjoyed your scrapbook of lovelies!



Such lovely photographs! :)

a fanciful twist

You beautiful soul, with all your wonderful peeks inside...

I am so glad you are having you time and reading time and friend time. I need some time too, hopefully sooooon with the construction almost near end...

Now, the other things I have to say will find your privately ;)



sounds heavenly... I've been pining for a break.

: )


that was such a sweet & inspiring post :)


love that ceramic doll


beautiful glimpse of your world and it's treasures as seen through your eyes.

autumn is my absolute favourite time of year. full of symbolic and literal beginnings and endings.

i hope you enjoy the goldening days and chilly nights


Your home is so light, airy and full of pale beauty! I adore all your use of white and bright colours scattered about! SO homey and beautiful!! ♥ Happy weekend and pinecone dreams to you!! :)


<3 too


that little book looks so sweet!

Mike Jennings

Lou, I so adore these peeks into your world, to see the way it reflects how I see you as a person. And I don't just mean the pale beauty. I'm also endlessly fascinated by how one's creative space affects their creative voice. Your home is in such harmony with your current motifs and aesthetics.

Of course I'd love to see your hard drive for the exact same reasons but I can be satisfied with the description you gave in some magazine or other ;)

(I should probably confess that one of the other things that makes me come visit your blog is the hope of seeing your charming Mirlo.)

--Mike Jennings

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