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Friday, 23 October 2009


Bianca Stewart

I can almost hear them breathing. Your choice of color is really wonderful. The adventurer in me wants to follow these somnambulists everywhere they go, quietly so as not to wake them. Beautiful work.


i adore your darker work and the young somnambulists louise.

but the egg girl too!
i want to hide with her in the long grass and paint her collection of treasures



Sleeping young girls, right on the edge...reminds me so of a recurring dream I had as a child. Or perhaps it was a nightmare. However, your color palette is much more attractive than that of my young girl nightmare.

Thanks for always making me think.

Gerushia's New World

A Fanciful Twist

Where will the other side lead them is an open dream, and I love that.

There isn't even a hint of the other side. WOnderful!

I love your work in the post below as well. I had been so busy I hadn't time to have a hot cup of tea and absorb your work as it should be absorbed and appreciated.

But tonight was the night. Sigh, always such haunting beauty with you lalalaLou...

xoxo, V


You're such an inspiration, Lou. I absolutely adore your latest creations. So dreamy, these girls are teetering on the edge of this realm and numerous others. So familiar to me! ;-) Sending you bright wishes for the most hauntingly magical Halloween. Love love. xx

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