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Monday, 12 October 2009



Beautiful words and pictures-your home is lovely. Best of all is your little black cat amongst all the paleness!


Read your post, Lou, and felt so very much in the moment with you. The autumn light is truly mesmerizing and those misty mornings are magical. I'm so in love with the season. Bliss! Much love to you and yours. x



I adore looking into your "real" world. It is in such contrast to your art. Or so it appears to me. Except for Mirlo, he seems to be the key that brings your life and your art together in one place. Your interiors are so stark and light and dreamy. Yet, much of your art is quite the opposite (I mean this all in a complimentary way).

I am much the same. My art is odd, dis-gruntled, askew and bright. My home is orderly, light and quite balanced. What does it all mean?

It is finally spitting just a tad of rain today, here in the desert of Southern California. I'm off to brew some mint tea and sit down to read a book.

Have a great day:
Gerushia's New World


i would buy snowberries off of the florist simply because of their name...

and the pictures! - such a serene home you have made in which to coccoon.



Your home is so pretty and light-filled! I am usually drawn to dark, wood furniture but you have me second guessing with all of the white...I just love your home style! Are those plates Cath Kidston? I just want to nap in that room with the fireplace, or bring over my art paints and sketchbooks and sprawl out on the floor and work in the sunspots (with your kitty.) Aren't they funny when they perch like that?
All so beautiful and inspiring.

a fanciful twist

your home is dreamboat beautiful.

gentle and lovely.


Maria-Thérèse Andersson

Beautifully written.
I have been so immersed in the work with my poetry book and the Halloween party - I have so much catching up to do and visiting your blog today is like opening up a box of treasures!


i love yer place...i want my dreams to look like that.


I LOVE your illustrations, I am enjoying browsing your blog too.

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