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Monday, 19 October 2009


Theresa Whitmore

Your work makes me full of awe.

the asherette

just finished reading 'lady audley's secret' myself. perfect for this dreary weather. your art is wonderful

Bianca Stewart

Care for a story, Louise? I once saw a squirrel lug a breakfast roll - the size of a grapefruit - up the trunk of an impressive tree. Had the thing wrapped in his tail. He had spectators, two squirrels whom I imagine were hungry & envious. No kidding! The funniest thing I ever saw.

I am just smitten with those squirrels in winter clothes. So breathtakingly beautiful. Makes me want to venture into the woods with my camera & a pocketful of nuts.

louise (art and ghosts)


Bianca, what a charming little story, i would love to have been witness to it! thanks for sharing^^


The first three pictures....so sweet. I wonder what the little colorful floating shapes are? They seem to derive their origins from your strung buntings (the one on your fireplace in particular, from "real life").
But these are more abstract and floating. Or are they hanging from invisible strings from the tree? They add a modern-ish touch to your work, the shapes and tidbits of bright colors, that is.

The photograph with the wildflowers is amazing. Such ambiance.


I love Penny!!

Charlotte Lucy

your work makes me feel like I did when I was little. Just kind of peaceful, when you don't need words to say something...make sense?



So Sweet those little squirrels!!


love love love - wonderful squirrel mittens! :D

Mathyld / encore petite

I am in love with these "mittened" squirrels !
And your book "stories old and new" looks so gorgeous ♥

By the way ... I blogged your generosity (giveaway) : http://encorepetite.wordpress.com/2009/10/26/is-everyday-my-birthday-part-2/

x x x

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