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Sunday, 21 December 2008


Manda Lawrence

I once had a hangover on Christmas Day. Once. Never, ever again. Poor Lou! Enjoy the cuppa, the choc Santa and those very gorgeous earmuffs.

Sandra Evertson

A Winter's Tale is Chillingly Beautiful! Sending you the Merriest of Season's Greetings!
Sandra Evertson


Ooooh! Love your new work - it's super serene and lovely as usual! Happy Christmas up there from down here in Sydney.


Ooooh! Love your new work - it's super serene and lovely as usual! Happy Christmas up there from down here in Sydney.


Oh my I'm the same when it comes to parties.
Mmm, I love those red deers! Happy Christmas!

Jeanette Payne

Gorgeous photos, Lou! Consciously or otherwise, I bet you got those earmuffs to match the back cover of the book... you SO know how to accessorize!


A Winter's Tale is gorgeous! The red and white really pop. I'm so happy I discovered your shop this year. Your art has brightened my tiny little apartment considerably. Happy Holidays!

a fanciful twist

I looove your pink heavenly photos!!

And that red deered piece, fainting...

Dads paying for delicious ear muffs is the best!

I am not longer a party animal myself..

Plus, I don't like the morning after wine look on my face. I used to go to sleep with eye make-up on after a night of partying and getting home at 3a.m. in my youth, and awake looking like my make-up had just been applied and I was fresh as ever... haha! So long to those days for moi ;)

Alas, I like cozy drawing nights and movies and playing in my wee world...

But a party or two every now and then, is good for the soul ;)

Happy Holidays!! I am leaving for a week or so, and will see you when I return!! xoxo

You are a magical deight!


Many compliments on A Winter's Tale. So, so lovely and it puts me in the mood to enjoy winter. Thank you!


thanks very much:)

make sure to have a safe, peaceful and thoroughly wonderful xmas!



Love, Love, Love the header winter's tale. So white, yet so bright!

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