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Tuesday, 26 August 2008



Absolutely gorgeous, adorable, beautiful, cute and so much more.

I am in love with your work, really...



Hungarican Stephanie

I am humbled by your incredible talent. OMG, your images are so beautiful.


ohh beautiful new picture!!! I love it!!


Very beautiful.

Black-Eyed Suzie

They are so lovely! Am I allowed to say this image makes me look forward to winter? Or will someone shoot me? And I love your new picture of Mirlo - what a doll! I'm fostering four black kittens from the SPCA and I sense they won't all be leaving...maybe they will grow up to be a s handsome as he is...


Love your new banner.

Frankie Kins

OMGosh! I love "Precious". I think the two darlings might be cold, though; don't you?

Your BANNER is to die for! I want one. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. And you have my favorite colors in there-red and robin's egg. I'm coveting it, yes I am!

Côté Arcades

Encore un magnifique dessin !!!
Trop beau...

Katrine K

I particulary like the snow on their hear...You have managed to express the beautiful coldness of winter.
And your new header is just fab!


And they are so lovely,too!!

By the way, I am smitten with your new, ethereal banner.....two of my favorite colours together!! :)


And so is your new header!

lou (art&ghosts)

thanks very much everyone!



It's the 1st time I visit your site,and I am in awe. It's wonderful - so dark & dreamy - beautiful!

Pardon my question, but it's your art all done in the computer, it's painting, collage??? I'm sorry but I have to ask - it is so intriguing, different, and mainling beatiful.


I'll be visiting it frequently.


It's like Diane Arbus's christmas card.


There is a definite feeling in the air that the seasons have turned. I too am suddenly working on 'colder' themes!
This image is beautiful - it has a real sense of a moment paused, with time, ponderous and heavy, hanging over it.
Love it!


like a beautiful dream....

summer is slipping away!


The way the snow is accumulating on their attached hair makes me long for snow fall and cold and iciness!
Their representation is encouraging too. Thank you for sharing such a touching image.


How much do I love your new banner? Let me count the ways....

The new image is lovely, ethereal, and just packed with nostalgia for so many things. You are so talented!! :)

Du Buh Du Designs

Beautiful ,Lou! Your site looks really elegant..it always has but it gives a feeling of lightness and serenity and is really inviting:)


Love the Lightning tree. and the header banner is looking very nice!


I absolutely LOVE your work and have done ever since I wandered across it over on deviantart and have, rather shamefully, been a silent lurker of your work for quite sometime...

This piece is breathtaking - it's truly a gift of yours to translate idea so well onto a picture.

Thank you for providing me so much enjoyment


I find your work EXCELLENT. I'd like to publish some of your illustrations in my blog, with your name and link to your website. I hope you will give me permission. I use to publish there my poems with illustrations and I always ask permission to the authors.
I don't speak english well but I've asked for the traduction of the poem that I'd like to publish in my blog with this illustration, I hope you'll like it:

The night inhabits the chimneys
behind the walls.
The birds I raised in your name
have been dying.
Winter comes,
but I’ve had to tear the plaster with my short nails
to scatter snow over lent dolls
this afternoon,
every afternoon,
while I’m telling them the story of good friends
that cross fingers behind their backs.

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