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Tuesday, 29 July 2008



*Sigh* I guess I'm going to have to put your prints on a rotation system, since I live in a dinky little apartment with limited wall space. Because I CANNOT pass up Space Candy or Mild Altercation. But I still love Queen Georgie, and Heathcliffe, and Underground Fairy and Arielle and......!!!!


Ooooh Lou, totally loving the new images especially the Candy Skies. And thanks for sharing the "beautiful things". I have to be careful visiting your blog. It seems I always end up spending money after a visit! x Hope you're well. Di x


OH! Your work just keeps getting better and better (and cuter and cuter)! LOVE IT!
And, Thank You ever so much for featuring my little mouseling! :)

Du Buh Du Designs

These finds are fantastic! I have to say that I really enjoy Candy Skies and Space Candy..the idea of it, the two girls and just the right amount of color.they'd make a wonderful childrens book!


I love the characters in these! The shapes of their bodies and heads is so special, neat!
Like the little sampling of goodies too....especially the marmeecraft.


everything is such eyecandy-happy friday 2 you my sweet friend-


Wow! I've newly discovered blogging, and it is so cool to find that some of my favourite artists are already out there making inspirational blogs.
Space Candy is the most fab thing - one day I'll be back bearing cash! Until then I will just keep coming back for a quick peek as a pick-me up. :)

Marina Capano

Hi! Nice to meet you! wow! your art is fantastic! I like very much!

Visit me anytime!!!!

Marina Capano


Finally some with Asian features! I love them I will get one for my little girl!


People come and go in the strangest ways...

Katrine K

My God, I love your new creations....!!

Ben V.

I dunno about everything, but it turns out gummy bears might actually be good for kids' teeth:



how cute! you're on my blogroll :)


Love the space candy! And the new header...

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