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Sunday, 13 April 2008



Good luck with the search Louise....Just in time for Beltane?

Mademoiselle G

I love the Rapunzel one...and good luck for your search!

Mike Jennings

Reluctant Princess: I love this idea; she's anchored herself into her precious solitude. The idea that her hair is the key she uses to lock herself in instead of letting herself out. With he element of the mirror-image prince, this is a deeply moving piece.

Thank you for pointing out the symbology of the moss in Angelica's Garden. It added great dimension to the piece, and though I can't explain it moss does indeed symbolize these things.

As a parent I often regret the loss of my past even as I thrill at a new future. For this reason, both Angelica's Garden and The Resolution really speak to me.

Snow White makes me sad that you have not illustrated a children's book. I just sat with my 5-year-old boy discussing these photos and he interrogated my intensely about the five brothers. I didn't mind improvising the rest of the story but it would surely be a favorite Bedtime story if it were complete, and in print -- alongside our McKean/Gaiman books and many other mysterious and beautifully illustrated books to which my family is invariably drawn.

I'm excited to hear that you might be moving, though I will miss the tree outside your lounge. I do love moving into a new home though, coming to understand the character of a place, what it will allow me to impose, and what I must simply accept…


I love your artwork!! Such talent you have!!

A Fanciful Twist

Oh My Gosh!! I loooove them all!! And that house in Resolution!! And Angelica's garden!! Incredible! Where are you moving to?

Oh and, I have to tell you... My entire childhood, I was raised on the fairytale of the boys who were turned into swans, and their sister had to sew a blanket out of thorns to save them... It is my longest living memory.. So I looove that whole bird brother magicness!!!



I am in such a constant state Resolution lately...this painting realy resonates in me!Wow...love the dreamy nightmare quality.

Katrine K

I am speechless of the beautiness and all those symbols hidden in your pictures, I can never be bored of looking at them..!

So you plan to move. To Norway, then..? (That would have been great!)
I wish you all the best with the search for a new home, hope you find something very nice. (You should live in a castle!)


Roz, i certainly need some Beltane blessings for this one! thanks!


Mike - thanks for sharing such detailed thoughts about the work. The moss in the garden certainly is a wonderful thing, but it is strange how interpretations of the image alter when i do not add text - as is evident elsewhere online.
Oh, and i will miss the tree too - yet someone told me that the neighbours are signing petitions to get it cut down, because it blocks out the light from their living rooms.
If i think about this one for too long, i want to explode.
Hopefuly they will fail.


Vanessa, i love that story too!


Johanna - the resolution involves me moving house, but more so the terror of change, which is often quite nessecary, regardless how much we may hesitate to take the plunge.
Sadly, my neighbourhood has altered recently, for the worse, and it is time for me to move on.
I will miss this place, but im not going too far...yet:)


Katrine - Norway? oh god, if only........^_^


thanks everyone! xxx


Beautiful work and I am so happy you are going to take that step into the unknown. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I am contemplating a move myself but I am too scared. This leaves me a lot to think about.

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